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A beauty aid popular in Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean, used extensively for its health benefits, almond has a multitude of benefits depending on the type of almond used.

Enriched with nutrients, there are two types of almond oil extracted from almonds - bitter and sweet. Sweet almond oil is made from edible almonds used extensively in cuisine and hair and skin care.

Almond is considered a fruit which is "drupe", a fruit with a hard sheet and edible seed. One of the best oils for skin and hair care, almond oil deeply cleanses the skin, leaving it soft, supple and free from blemishes. Rich in magnesium and calcium, almond oil naturally prevents hair loss and keeps it shiny.
Nearly all of the ancient civilizations have used almonds, as they have even been mentioned in the Bible, but their exact ancestry is unknown. It has been said that explorers plying the Silk Road between Asia and the Mediterranean have been snacking on this fruit.


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