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Indigenous to and widely cultivated in tropical regions of Asia, this herb calms the mind and body with its woody scent.

Patchouli, which literally means "green leaf' in Tamil language, is a prized ingredient in perfumes, personal care and aromatic products. It exudes a blend of musky, woody and earthy scent with a minty undertone.

Used in traditional medicine in many cultures, patchouli's antiseptic and soothing properties treat troubled skin. It is often used in anti-aging skincare for its cell-rejuvenating properties. Its woody scent aids to alleviate depression and create an atmosphere of tranquility.
In the 18th and 19th century, Chinese silk traders traveling to the Middle East packed their silk cloths with patchouli to prevent moths from laying eggs on the fabric. Patchouli is considered an upscale scent because of its association with opulent goods.
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