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Botany Ambiance Diffuser Reeds Refill


Essential for dispersing aromatic diffuser oil in any space.

Inserted into the bottle of Botany Ambiance Diffuser, each reed stick disperses a delightful aroma in any space. Carefully crafted from the finest quality rattan, these reed sticks soak up the diffuser oil and fills the air with a wonderful scent.

Immerse at least 10 reed sticks into the oil-filled PAÑPURI Botany Ambiance Diffuser Glass Vessel to diffuse the scent. Reverse sticks two to three times to saturate, and when desiring a fresh and more intense scent.
Each reed stick has been carefully crafted from the finest quality rattan.
Product tips
1. Reed sticks should not be re-used with other scents.
2. The level of scent diffused into the air can be controlled; remove a few reeds for less scent.
3. Exercise caution when reversing the reeds as the oil might stain your table surface.
4. Using the correct type of reed is essential. Reed sticks made of rattan are suited to bring optimal results in dispersing scents from diffuser oils.
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