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Provides a DIY instant tension relief anytime anywhere
Kiss goodbye to tension and bring back harmony with this Eastern Touch Massage Tool, specifically made with teak wood and designed to provide D.I.Y., instant tension relief, based on the ancient Eastern tradition of pressure point stimulation. In the office, in a traffic jam, or on a jet, use it with PAÑPURI's mini massage oil to reward one's hard-working body and soul with a sanctuary of calm.

Bid farewell to tension: gently massage and press into tense areas or pressure points using desired pressure and techniques. Use as frequently as desired.

Clean with dry cloth; after use and keep in a dry place.

General techniques for stimulating pressure points

  1. Strengthening energy - press the smaller end (finger or thumb-like end) of the massage tool on a pressure point with a firm, steady pressure, holding it for up to two minutes.
  2. Dispersing blocked energy - move the smaller end (finger or thumb-like end) of the massage tool in a circular motion or apply intermittent pressure to the pressure point for two minutes.
  3. Calming energy - gently massage the pressure point with the larger end (palm-like end) of the massage tool for about two minutes.
Pressure point massage is not meant to replace professional health care. Consult a professional if a condition is chronic. Massage tool should not be applied to open wounds, swelling or inflamed areas, blisters, rashes or varicose veins. People with high or low blood pressure and pregnant women should consult a professional before administering self massage.
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