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Adds a touch of sophistication and scents any room.
Inspired by the ripening lotus bud of the east, the Crystal Lotus Aroma Diffuser is designed to disperse scents into the air while giving a luxurious ambiance with its sleek, cosmopolitan design. It can be used to freshen up any space or clear the mind from worldly impurities with the use of aromatic essential oils.
  • Twist the cover to open.
  • Pour a maximum 90ml water and 2-3 drops of your preferred essential oil into the tank, then re-attach the cover.
  • Press the button:
    • once for continuous mist dispersion;
    • twice for  a timed ten-second mist dispersion; and
    • thrice to turn off.
  • For continuous and timed dispersion, the aroma diffuser will auto-shut after 120 minutes.
  • Please read the user's manual thoroughly  before use. Improper usage may damage or speed up deterioration of the aroma diffuser.
  • Place properly on a flat surface, at least 10cm away from curtains, windows, walls or other  flammable articles.
  • Place at least 2m from TV sets, radios and other electric products.
  • Keep away from electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers.
  • Do not pour water into the tank while it is operating.
  • Use only tap water below 40°C.
  • Do not put on top of a carpet or a towel when in use.
  • Do not block the steam outlet.
  • Never leave unattended when in use.
  • Keep out of reach of children or pets.
Product tips
1. Creates a relaxing atmosphere at home.
2. Can be used as a home décor or as a table centerpiece.
3. Presented in an elegant box and ideal to give as gift.
4. Before pouring the water out of the tank, ensure that the aroma diffuser is completely  powered off.
5. All parts must be dried and stored in a cool, dry place.
6. To clean the tank , disinfect it with a cotton swab and alcohol.
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