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The essence of modern wellness is a balance of mind and body, resulting in holistic well-being. PANPURI takes the senses on a journey to discover a modern yet refined lifestyle that promotes inner peace, individual health, and authentic beauty.
Traveling the World through Massage Therapy

Rejuvenate with the best massages from around the world. Discover the best massage techniques that alleviate pain, relieve stress and provide a holistic well-being.


Thai Massage
An invigorating massage, Thai Massage combines assisted yoga, passive stretching and pressing massage movements. Often referred to as “passive yoga”, the therapist uses his or her hands, knees, legs and feet to apply pressure on the muscles and loosen one’s joints, usually on a padded mat on the floor. This type of massage doesn’t employ oils or lotions and is done fully clothed.

Best for: Enhancing energy, Relieving stress, Improving mental well-being


Japanese Shiatsu
Originating from Japan, shiatsu is an ancient technique that involves localized pressure using the therapist’s fingers, applied in a rhythmic sequence along the body. This type of massage provides balance in the flow of energy in the body. Normally done on a padded mat on the floor, loose clothing is worn and oil or lotion are not used with shiatsu.

Best for: Reducing muscle stiffness, Stimulating the skin, Aiding digestion


Swedish Massage
One of the most commonly known massage techniques, Swedish massage is a combination of five basic strokes: effleurage (long smooth strokes), petrissage (kneading, rolling and lifting), friction (wringing or small circular movements), tapotement (percussion) and vibration (rocking and shaking movements). The therapist uses lotion or oil and typically begins with general strokes while transitioning to specific strokes to address problem areas.

Best for: Providing stress relief, Releasing tensed muscles, Stimulating blood circulation


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
A traditional Polynesian/ Hawaiian technique focused on energy flow, Lomi Lomi helps to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually by balancing the mind and body. This type of massage uses a combination of massage techniques, nut oils and sometimes elements of prayer, breathing and dance to restore energy and soothe the body. “Lomi Lomi” translates to ‘rub rub’ in Hawaiian and reflects the broad, flowing strokes made with the therapist’s fingers, thumbs, palms, arms and elbows.

Best for: Releasing tension, Improving state of mind, Bringing harmony and balance


Drawing upon the finest therapies from around the world, PAÑPURI Oasis Ginza Six provides guests an opportunity to enjoy their therapeutic benefits in one roof. Featuring PAÑPURI’s exclusive range of skincare and body care collections, guests are guaranteed to experience a calming yet sensorial delight. Located at the Beauty and Wellness Floor (B1F) at Ginza Six, B1 Fl, 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Japan.

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