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Bakuchiol Oil: ‘THE’ Go-To Oil You Need

But what is Bakuchiol, and what’s the hype?

Skincare lovers and enthusiasts would surely have heard of Bakuchiol—right? Even if you don’t know what exactly it is, Bakuchiol has been cropping up on many skincare labels, and rightly so, because they are the new alternative to retinol. It wouldn’t go amiss to say that the hype is a bit like when they first discovered the magic of Vitamin C on the skin—but better. So what is Bakuchiol? 

Basically, Bakuchiol is an extract from Babchi seeds. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties while also boosting collagen production. Simply put, Bakuchiol is like a safer, gentler and more effective alternative to retinol. In fact, Bakuchiol is a plant-based, phyto-retinol that doesn’t leave the skin irritated or photosensitive. And that is exactly why Bakuchiol is a great anti-aging active ingredient that can be used by aging skin, normal and sensitive skin people alike. 

At PAÑPURI, Bakuchiol plays a key part in one of our star products, the ArunaYouth™ Bakuchiol Oil. Effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, ArunaYouth™ Bakuchiol Oil contains 1.0% Bakuchiol, the highest concentration that is safe for the skin. This beautiful, Midnight Blue oil gets its stunning hue from a combination of essential oils from natural ingredients, namely German Chamomile (blue), Gromwell Roots (red) and Kahai Oil (yellow), which work together to repair the skin at night while effectively promoting collagen production. The result is a firmer, lifted skin that looks like you have had a restful 12 hours of sleep. The most important thing? Despite all of these properties, there’s no catch! It’s effective yet safe, hence suitable for every skin type including sensitive skin.

*Based on an independent in-vivo clinical study using self-assessment method conducted by Spincontrol Asia on 22 participants after 7 days of daily use.

If you are still worried about irritations, feel rest assured because ArunaYouth™ Bakuchiol Oil has been proven to be gentle and safe, making it the perfect alternative to those looking to switch from retinol to something that is gentler yet more effective.

*Based on an independent in-vivo clinical study using self-assessment method conducted by Spincontrol Asia on 22 participants after 7 days of daily use.

Treating aging skin and fine lines doesn’t mean that you need to go for the ‘hard core’ solution. It’s true that retinol has had its days in being the effective solution for anti-aging and collagen boosting, but with a new alternative that is safer and cleaner like Bakuchiol, perhaps it is time for a change. Not only does it not cause any photosensitizing effects, but Bakuchiol is gentle enough to be used with any skin types, including sensitive skin. Being a plant-based phyto-retinol, Bakuchiol aligns with our standards for Clean Beauty under our proprietary ZeroList™, which bans over 2,300 ingredients that may be harmful to the skin or the environment.  

Move over retinol, it looks like the real Queen B has finally arrived, and she’s here to claim the throne. 

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