The essence of holistic wellness is the harmony between the body, mind and soul.

Mask-imizing your Self-care Treatment at Home

Whether it’s for a quick rejuvenation, deep clean and exfoliation, or a thorough treatment to help reduce the appearance of spots, a good facial mask is a good go-to me-time partner. But “that’s more minutes of my day I don’t have time for,” you say? Here are a few ideas to mask-imize your favorite multi-tasker

FaceTime with Friends
A good mask at your downtime is one of the most ultimate expressions of self-care. Why not top it off with a catch up with your clique? We say: a face mask virtual party! No, not the surgical one you’re recommended to wear outside, but a self-care skin-plumping facial mask! If you have the new Revive Sniper Patch, you’re in luck, as its 3-step rejuvenation innovation—Stick, Dissolve, Plump—guarantees smoother, softer skin in an instant. Simply leave on for three hours for the microtips to naturally dissolve into the skin to plump and fill up lines and wrinkles! However, if your friends aren’t equipped with a facial mask for themselves, move the conversation to Instagram or Snapchat and use face mask filters by famed users @face.effects and @filtermuse.

Marie Kondo your Wardrobe
If you haven’t already heard of Marie and her Japanese technique of mindfully finding sparks of joy with your items of belonging, then you’ve been living under a rock. Netflix’s Marie Kondo writes in her 2014 The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, “If you adopt this approach—the KonMari Method—you’ll never revert to clutter again,” enabling people to find the right balance to a true spring cleaning. So, while you’re at the front seat of your self-care session, why not organize your wardrobe the Marie Kondo way, so that once it’s permissible to go back out to the world again, you’ll not only have a pristine approach to the art of organizing, but also a pristinely systematized closet.

Catch up on your Overdue Passion Project
For some, life in the real world can be ostracizing and your daily distractions may have hindered you from finishing your passion project—an overdue screenplay, the draft of a novel you’re writing, a Paint by Numbers portrait you haven’t touched in months or the business plan you have put on hold. Whatever it may be, your overdue passion project could do a well-deserved catching up. And since you’re home, enjoy being by your lonesome and ditch all the digital distraction, and why not take this break to focus on something you really love doing?

Indulge in a Milky Oil Bath
Take your self-care to a whole new level with a milky oil bath to pamper the body and the senses. Treat yourself to the LOTUS DEFENSE™ Instant Radiance Overnight Mask while enjoying a warm bath infused with soothing essential oils and moisturizing ingredients that leave skin soft and supple. Let the no-rinse, rich mask, powered by intensive moisture molecules and brightening complexes, provide ultimate moisture even to the most dehydrated and dull skin, while the Rose Absolute Awakening Milk Bath Oil turn the bath into a bed of roses.