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Myths and Facts about Hyaluronic Acid


The fundamental basic of Skin Wellness is hydration. Retaining moisture in your skin is not simply for aesthetic beauty but it helps flush away toxins. Your cells work best in protecting you when they are fully hydrated.

So how can we hydrate our skin? 

The simple answer is Hyaluronic Acid (HA) or otherwise known as Hya. It is a naturally-occurring sugar molecule that holds a thousand times its weight in water and prevents it from evaporating, but over time, our body produces less and less HA. 

We can combat this with the right skincare products. Simply look at the labels of your favorite moisturizer or sheet mask. Many will contain this powerful humectant which is a substance used to contain moisture. 

But what exactly is HA? 


The Facts

❏ It binds water to skin cells and rejuvenates the skin

❏ It fortifies the skin’s natural barrier to retain moisture

❏ It strengthens the lipid barrier to help the skin protect itself

❏ It helps smoothen your skin to appear more supple

❏ It decreases visible signs of fine lines and wrinkles


The Myths

 ❏ All sizes of HA work the same

This is false. Actually, different sizes of HA target different layers of the skin. Measured by kilodalton (kDa), the smaller the kDa size, the deeper the HA can penetrate the skin. That is why the efficacy of HA shouldn’t be measured by quantity but rather by the variation of molecular size.

 ❏ It can produce long-term benefits

Unfortunately, our body uses up the HA it produces as well as any topically applied HA by 24 hours which makes it ineffective for long-term benefits, but this can be remedied by continual daily use.

 ❏ It will help with dry skin

This is a common myth as dry skin refers to Skin Type which is a decrease in oil produced, whereas HA is for people who have dehydrated skin which is a Skin Condition. So in actuality, many people can have both dry and dehydrated skin; in which case, HA can only help with rehydration.


But the biggest myth of all is that all you need is HA to rehydrate your skin. The true fundamental of Skin Wellness is hydration. Your lifestyle has a large effect on the condition of your skin, so keeping hydrated by drinking the recommended daily dose of water will go a long way into rejuvenating your body and skin from within.

Finding balance between your lifestyle and the skincare products you use will help you achieve true Skin Wellness.