The essence of holistic wellness is the harmony between the body, mind and soul.

PAÑPURI Sensorial Boutique Central Embassy


PAÑPURI proudly unveils its first Sensorial Boutique at Central Embassy, slated to open as a multisensorial sanctuary within the heart of Bangkok – a place for urbanites to recharge and reconnect with themselves, and embark on a sensorial wellness journey towards harmony of the body, mind and soul.

What is the design inspiration behind the boutique?

The pale earth tones accented by flickers of gold that seem to emerge from the wood and mortar, evoking an almost religious spiritualism of finding goodness from within that resonates throughout the interior.

The feeling of reverence and spirituality can be felt in the arching doorways, reminiscent of a Buddhist temple, and in the reclaimed wood that makes you feel closer to nature. Made from off cuts of wood deemed unattractive by market standards, the ‘Kindness Wood’ itself comes from a special project between Studio Act of Kindness and Champaka in order to reuse discarded materials to create something beautiful, unique and sustainable – values that align with our philosophy.

Above you, brightening up the store, is a lighting fixture that is peculiar in its shape. Its shape looks like the eye on the tail of a peacock, an iconic motif of knowledge and wisdom, suggesting the store to be a vault of spiritual awakening.

What is unique about PAÑPURI Sensorial Boutique?

1. Bespoke Sensorial Bar

An immersive experience that allows you to create a fragrance (PAÑPURI Private Edition) inspired by your own memories and unique personalities.

With the option of Perfume Diffuser, Perfume Diffuser Refill, Essential Oil, Perfume Sachet, Pillow Mist and Room Mist, you have full creative reign over your fragrance. Each note you decide upon will be determined by your own life journey, inspired by the notes that make up your personal memories and traits.

With 40 ingredients and 25 exclusive rare essential oils as part of the PAÑPURI Private Edition Rare Notes package, our Scent Specialist will help guide you through the structure of a fragrance, and assist you in the creation of your own unique fragrance.

With the PAÑPURI Private Edition, your bespoke scent is a hearth for your space and a lasting memory for your soul.

This bespoke service is only available from Wednesday to Sundays between 12 - 8 p.m. Advanced appointments are encouraged. Contact via Line @PANPURIEmbassy click or tel 065-519-3214

- PAÑPURI Private Edition Package (starting at THB 850)

- PAÑPURI Private Edition Rare Notes Package (starting at THB 1,150)

2. The Art of Gifting

Inspired by the traditional Thai art of Banana Leaf and Flower Petal Folding called ‘Bai Sri’, handed down from generation to generation, our Wellness Consultants will wrap your PAÑPURI products in new beautiful homes.

Each hand-wrapped gift embraces the brand code of the mystique and richness of Asian heritage. The black, white and gold colors of the wrapping paper offer a luxurious yet simplistic aesthetic, while the geometric patterns reflect the multifaceted dimensions of wellness. Exclusive to only Central Embassy, you may also opt for a special natural fabric to wrap up your gifts.

In keeping with the values of PAÑPURI, the gift is wrapped relying only on the expert folding techniques of Bai Sri. Once secured, it is then tied in a loop to embody the peacock’s tail with a fan-shaped crest to symbolize the peacock’s head – a PAÑPURI icon for wisdom and purity.

To add an even more luxurious touch, each gift can receive a personalized calligraphy dedication card where you are able to display your heart beautifully.

The PAÑPURI Sensorial Boutique at Central Embassy, therefore, mimics the journey that we all must embark on towards harmony of the body, mind and soul.

Visit this multisensorial boutique at Central Embassy on Level 2 between 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. For more information, please visit You may also follow PAÑPURI on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Line and Weibo through @PANPURIOfficial.