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At PAÑPURI, inclusivity, transparency and sustainability have always been at the forefront of our values when it comes to Clean Beauty. We work to promote beauty that is clean and non-toxic, not just just for our health, but also for the environment. Now striving to become a better advocate for what we stand for, moving forward this month, PAÑPURI is embarking on a new Clean Beauty journey.

Five-Year Plan, Five Key Pillars

Following the Five Key Pillars: Design & Sourcing, Production, Transportation, Consumption and Recycling, PAÑPURI aims to become the first Thai Clean Beauty brand to achieve Net Zero Emission by 2026. 


Reduce plastic use with our eco-friendly Refill Pouches, as well as help plant a tree with every refill pouch purchased. How does this work? 
While helping the environment with reducing plastic use up to 80% and 50 times less transportation, every PAÑPURI Refill Pouch will also pave the way to a future lined with trees. Continuing our pledge to promote sustainability, we are building on our ‘Clean Beauty Eco-Refills’ campaign by planting 1 tree with every 1 Refill purchased. The trees will be planted in the mangrove forest in Petchaburi and this campaign will run from August 1, 2020 to March 31, 2022. The cost of planting 1 tree is THB 9. The campaign will be capped at 10,000 trees on March 31, 2022.


Our packaging is already eco-friendly, as our recyclable paper boxes are printed with soy ink on chlorine-free paper. Not just that, but with the growing market for e-commerce and online shopping, we have come up with a new plastic-free packaging.


We are redesigning our transportation system to optimize our warehouse transportation in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Linking to the packaging design, the weight and dimension of our refill pouches also mean saving up to 80% of fuel consumption.


PAÑPURI is working to become plastic-free, with initiatives being taken at PAÑPURI WELLNESS to reduce plastic waste. 
Plastic water bottles are replaced with organic infused water. The result is a decrease of 60,000 less water bottles consumption per year.
Bio-wastewater treatment helps to eliminate contaminants before water is sent to the waste area.
Reducing amenities’ plastic packaging is already part of our campaign. However, due to health and safety regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic, this initiative has been postponed until the situation has been resolved.
As for our stores, we will be providing alternatives to the existing way of consumption with our CLEAN Pop-up Store and Refill Stations in 2021.
Not only that, but with our #NoBagThursday campaign, every Thursday, PAÑPURI stores will be bag- and plastic-free. Participating customers will receive a small gift from PAÑPURI, however, customers who request a shopping can make a donation of THB 9. This amount will equally cost 1 tree as part of our reforestation drive. No Bag Thursday will run from September 20, 2020 until March 2022.


You can now be part of our #PathToZero campaign by recycling your used personal care and skincare product packaging from any brand with our #PANPURECYCLE campaign. Simply drop your plastic packaging off at our Recycling Stations at PAÑPURI stores at CentralWorld, Cental Plaza Pinklao, Mega Bangna and Gaysorn Tower.


Join us on this #PathToZero! From our initial ZeroListTM which bans over 2,300 ingredients that may be harmful to you and the environment, PAÑPURI will also be working to reach Net Zero Emission through reforestation with the mangrove forest that will balance out our carbon emission from our production.