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The #WomanWhoInspires PAÑPURI

international women's day

Strong, powerful women are at the foundation of PAÑPURI.

So, in honor of International Women's Day, we wanted to look towards a new generation of inspiration. Women who challenge and break the molds of what is beautiful.


Self-taught photographer Carlota Guerrero captures the nature and forms of women through her multimedia approach, blending stillness with movement and creating an ethereal coalescence of provocative imagery and soft feminine forms.

Guerrero tears down rigid boxes of feminine beauty and recreates new limitless worlds for the woman to exist, undeterred and unconstrained by any societal expectations.

Women who may otherwise have been left unseen by normal media.


As you view her art, you are inundated with a sense of hope, awe and a desire to challenge your own limits of what you can do.

That is why Guerrero is our #WomanWhoInspires for this International Women’s Day.

Who inspires you?

Instagram: @carlota_guerrero