The essence of holistic wellness is the harmony between the body, mind and soul.

Wings of Harmony: Gift Time 2022

To hope is to yearn for harmony amidst an ever-changing world.

This festive season, PAÑPURI has joined hands with artist Nakrob Moonmanas in creating a world where doves, angels and butterflies can soar free and weightless through the sky as if carried by calming winds.

Each collage is a journey through a kaleidoscope of Eastern and Western motifs that speak to our souls as we search for hope, unity and optimism – a wandering voyage that draws meaning from a heritage that grounds us and the freedom of a future that lifts up our spirits.

Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s Dove of Peace line drawing, Nakrob looked towards the sky and uncovered the pigeon holding an olive branch, a universal symbol of peace, freedom and rebirth. Its role throughout art over the years has made it invaluable as an inspiration to humanity. Amidst the currents of change and uncertainty, Nakrob wanted to capture the message that peace and liberty must coexist harmoniously with the power of hope in order for the world to move forward. Pigeons, angels, butterflies, and other symbols of happiness and fulfillment are, therefore, laid out in these collages to celebrate a new beginning.

The collaboration occurs as part of the yearly PAÑPURI tradition of gift-giving. For 20 years, we have celebrated the end of the year by collaborating with artists to capture our appreciation, gratitude and hope for all of our customers. Like our ancestors before us, we believe the art of gifting is a way for each of us to express what words cannot say – a greeting of the heart and all of its wishes for the recipient.