The essence of holistic wellness is the harmony between the body, mind and soul.

Your Wellness Self-Love Guide

wellness guide


Self-love is the building block of holistic wellness and it’s important we all spend time with ourselves and make it part of our New Normal routine.

We speak with Khun Natkritta (Jo) Charoensrithongchai, Senior Professional Spa Trainer of PAÑPURI WELLNESS, on ways you can reconnect with the part of yourself bogged down by stress and anxiety and set those dark clouds free.

5 Tips for Self-Love 

1. Create a Bedtime Routine

Bedtime routines aren’t just for kids. By creating set rituals before bed, you train your body to prepare itself for sleep which can help you achieve longer, deeper rests and allow your body ample time to repair and revive itself.

❏ Set a bedtime for yourself. Your body naturally begins winding down a few hours before bedtime.

❏ Create a ritual of relaxation 30-60 minutes before your bedtime, such as meditating for 15-20 minutes and drinking a soothing warm cup of chamomile tea.

❏ Disconnect from electronics as the blue light emitted can affect the production of melatonin which controls your circadian rhythm (sleep cycle).

2. Social Media Detox

Social media can be a wonderful way to keep in touch with friends and family, especially in this pandemic when you may not be able to see them as often as you’d like, but have you ever found yourself reaching for your phone absentmindedly?

Our mental health can sometimes suffer from too much exposure to social media so a detox may be the best way to reset our minds.

❏ Decide on your length of detox.

❏ Delete your apps for that amount of time.

❏ Unplug at least 30 mins before bed.

❏ Take up a hobby or project.

3. Quiet Your Mind

During these uncertain times, it’s only natural to feel isolated but meditation can actually help decrease levels of inflammatory chemicals, such as cytokines, which can affect your mood.

❏ Take a couple of deep breaths to help induce a relaxation response.

❏ Be kind to yourself. If you’re new to meditation, it’s only natural to feel restless at first.

❏ Meditation isn’t the absence of thought but the mindfulness of thoughts so listen and reconnect with your emotions.

4. Massage Yourself

Massage therapy can have lasting benefits for your overall health -- from alleviating anxiety to relieving muscular pain. While this New Normal has required us to stay home more than usual, you can still reap these benefits yourself.

Acupressure on Third Eye:

❏ Use your middle finger to press between the brow

❏ Roll back and forth 3-5 times.

❏ Repeat 3 more times. This will help people with trouble sleeping feel more relaxed and at peace.

Stretching Shoulder, Neck, and Back:

❏ Sit with your back straight but don’t tense up

❏ Breathe in deeply then raise your left hand and place it on your head by your right ear

❏ Put pressure on your left hand until you feel your muscles tighten

❏ Stay in this position for 3 minutes and then release

❏ Return to your previous position and repeat the same motion to the other side

5. A Warm Bath

Soaking in a warm bath can actually help you sleep better. The warm water raises your body temperature so when cool air hits you post-bath, your body releases melatonin which is a sleeping hormone to help you sleep more soundly.

❏ Use essential oils for a therapeutic effect (lavender for headaches; ylang-ylang for stress; orange for anxiety; rose for calming skin; sandalwood for coughs)

❏ Set the mood with a complementary aromatic candle and dim the lights

❏ Soak in the warm bath for 20-30 mins (any longer and it’ll strip off natural oils)

❏ Pat yourself dry and spend 2-3 mins moisturizing your skin, practicing mindfulness