Haze of Grass
Perfume Sachet 40g

Haze of Grass Perfume Sachet 40g

An aromatic scent that captures the senses, transporting it to the verdant fields of the Golden Triangle.

    Drifting in a haze from the lush hills of the Golden Triangle, where a tropical greenery settles the soul in a fresh, earthy bouquet of Cannabis terpenes. Haze of Grass navigates its way through mood calming aromas of lemongrass, rosemary, and lemon rinds with clarifying notes of sweet basil, juniper berry and black pepper, drawing forth the memory of daydreaming in the fields after a tropical storm as the air clings to the skin with fresh dew.

    Scent Family 

    Scent Pyramid

    Top Notes 

    Heart Notes

    Base Notes
    Sandalwood, Amber, Tonka Bean, Amyris


It enhances the atmosphere and creates a world of relaxation and escapism within your very own space.

How To Use

The PAÑPURI Perfume Sachet adds luxury to your space and transforms it into an aromatic world for the senses. Place the perfume sachet in the desired area, such as the bed, wardrobe, car or desk, and let the smell fill your space with its transformative aroma.


Each sachet contains beads saturated with concentrated perfume, made from natural essential oils, slowly diffusing fine fragrance for up to 3 months.

PAÑPURI, Asia’s first Luxury Clean Beauty brand.

Free from 2,300+ harmful or questionable ingredients, all PAÑPURI formulations are guided by our ZeroList™ that prohibits harmful ingredients that can cause irritation or long-term damage to your well-being. Instead, we use alternative natural ingredients that make sure you get all the benefits you want, without the ingredients you don’t need.



Haze of Grass Home evokes bygone memories spent in verdant fields by reimagining the scent of cannabis through the eyes of PAÑPURI. Natural essential oils, such as Lemongrass, Rosemary and Lemon Rinds, are blended to create a Cannabis terpene fingerprint that brings forth the vivid and aromatic fragrance of the infamous plant. Incorporating our own unique twist to this earthy bouquet, Sweet Basil, Juniper Berry and Black Pepper permeate the underlying notes of the scent for a spicy kick that uplifts and soothes the senses.




Relax with this cannabis-inspired scented candle where you are


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