Dual Hyaluron Lines & Wrinkles Sniper Patch

REVIVE Dual Hyaluron Lines & Wrinkles Sniper Patch

A targeted anti-aging patch for plumping up the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines for youthful, healthy skin.

    An innovative targeted anti-aging patch under the concept of Clean Beauty. Effective, safe and painless without any chemical or physical damage to the skin, the Micro-tips are made up of soft and natural hydrogel tips that dissolve once they enter the skin.


Containing 2,600 self-dissolving micro-tips which is a fast, invasive, painless treatment packed with powerful actives, these targeted skin-filling treatment patches help to snipe away fine lines and wrinkles while deeply penetrating under the skin layer, releasing 2 powerhouse ingredients such as Double Hyaluronate and Hexapeptide to intensely plump the skin for firmer, smoother and more youthful. 

How To Use

- Patches must be applied on cleansed, dry face and must be used immediately after opening.
- For optimum absorption, it is recommended to leave the Sniper Patch on for 2 hours to optimize the efficacy.
- After 2 hours, all the hydrogel-based micro-tips will completely dissolve into the skin, where the active ingredients are safely delivered deep into the skin without causing any pain or harm.
- All micro-tips on the Patch are biodegradable and safe for the skin. Unlike microneedling treatments or Botox, they can be used as frequently as needed without requiring any downtime.
- The shape of the patch is designed to target all specific facial areas of concerns where fine lines and wrinkles are commonly found e.g. the forehead, cheekbones, crow's feet and nasolabial area.
- Can be applied 2 - 3 times per week for optimum efficacy.
- Follow with REVIVE ArunaYouth™ Complex Bakuchiol Age Delay Night Oil or REVIVE ArunaYouth™ Complex Wrinkle Smoothing 360 EyeLift for maximum benefits.



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Introducing the REVIVE Dual Hyaluron Lines & Wrinkles Sniper Patch


  • Sniper Patch: A targeted anti-aging patch for plumping up the forehead, cheekbones, eye corners and crow’s feet, or the nasolabial area in 3 simple steps:  Stick, Dissolve, Plump 
  • Up to 2,600 micro-tips 
  • Leave the Sniper Patch on for 2 hours for the micro-tips  to gently dissolve into the skin to plump up wrinkles and fine lines
  • Contains Dual Hyaluronic Acid and Hexapeptide
  • Painless and effective





1. Stick - Stick on the patches that contain 2,600 micro-tips per pair that is effective and gentle to the skin.

2. Dissolve - Once applied, the micro-tips will slowly dissolve into the skin to deliver powerful actives of Dual Hyaluronic Acid and Hexapeptide within 2 hours.

3. Plump - Skin becomes plumper and wrinkles shallower, as proven by 67% of volunteers who reported an immediate reduction in wrinkles after applying the patch for 2 hours*

*Based on an independent clinical study in-vivo test by Chung-Ang University Hospital and P&K Skin research center on 27 participants.




Dual Hyaluronic Acid: Two types of hyaluronic acid—high and oligo, the smallest in molecular weight—to instantly and intensely plump and smoothen both outer and inner layers of the skin.

Hexapeptide: A protein peptide that slow down the wrinkle formation process. It also provides a gentler, painless to reduce lines and deep wrinkles



Phawarun C. on November 18,2020