Lift, firm, and renew your skin back to its youth

ArunaYouth™ Skin Lifting Facial

Firm and tone the skin with this combination of Eastern pressure point massage and collagen-boosting French facial therapy. Help your skin regain its youthful contours with the power of ArunaYouth™ Complex combined with anti-wrinkle and muscle-strengthening techniques to stimulate blood flow and combat the five signs of aging.

THB 3,500: 75 Minutes


ArunaYouth™ Absolute Firm with Eye Lift Treatment

Employing the ArunaYouth™ Complex collection to target the five signs of aging, this treatment incorporates Japanese Shiatsu techniques with lifting and lymphatic drainage massage around the eyes to firm facial muscles, smoothes wrinkles and eliminates puffiness around the eyes.

THB 4,500: 90 Minutes